The Drinking Age

Should it be raised to 25?


Many people say the drinking age should be lowered to 18 instead of raised to 25. They state it should be lowered to 18, because that it is the age where most Americans are allowed to join the army, get married, and not, so why can't you drink. In reality, the number 18 or 21 means nothing, it's just the time when your seen as an adult. You may be thought of as an adult when your 18, but your not actually done growing up until your 25, the age at which the age is fully mature.

My Stance

My stance if you couldn't tell by now is for the drinking age to be raised to 25. Here are my reasons why...


I believe changing the drinking age to 25 is the best thing to do. It's the age at which your brain fully matures, it helps prevent 13-16 year olds from drinking, and it also may save lives.

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My mom who is a therapist at American Addiction Centers