Liver Cancer Awareness Pictures

Created by Cameron Lozano, Maria Guerrero, and Thuy Nguyen

The Purpose

In our Leadership class at James Coble Middle School, in Mansfield ISD, we feel that many cancers, including liver cancer, are underrepresented. We wanted to create awareness of these cancers around our school, so we came up with some creative ideas that we hope will get people to recognize these cancers more often.


Big image
These are the posters we made to show in the halls of our school (Left--Cameron Lozano, Middle--Maria Guerrero, Right--Thuy Nguyen).


We taped these information sheets in almost ALL of the bathroom stalls in our school. Our hope for these sheets is that they will be interesting and educational in a creative way.


In conclusion, our class at James Coble Middle School often looks for new, fun ways to educate others, and this project is just another example of this. We hope that, in the future, our simple ideas could turn into something that affects multitudes of people.