Racial Discrimination

How do we stop it?

What is Racial Discrimination? How can we stop it?

Racial discrimination is when one person is favored more than another person do to their race, the color of their skin, their religion, nationality or their ethnicity ("Know Your Rights..."). Discrimination started when we first decided that we wanted slaves in the United States. When slavey was abolished Blacks were still treated with disrespect that slowly decreased. It wasn't just African Americans that were treated badly but other from every race that wasn't to one persons liking.

We can't really stop discrimination but we can do our best to minimize it. In an article I read it said that the states can't actually do anything about racial discrimination (Von Spokvsky and Rogger).

Accidental or Murder?

In an article I read it showed that since around 1998 to now that when a police officer was of another race than on of another person they would think that the other person was going to cause them harm ( Juzwiak and Alekandar). I read different stories about the innocent people killed and they all were unarmed. One teenager was carrying a pellet gun and was shot by a Caucasian police officer because the police officer thought he was in physical harm or threatened. When I finished reading all of the police that killed these people weren't fined or convicted for killing these people.