The Olive Branch 11.12.21

What's Up At The Nest...

Principal's Message

Dear OMS Families,

If you weren't here today during dismissal, I wish you could have been. The squeals of excitement as students exited the building to snow falling made the day. Thank you to our families that were able to attend our RULER presentation on Tuesday. If you were unable to join us please take a few minutes to click on the slideshow linked below.

Have a great weekend!

Erin, Julia, and the OMS staff

Funnel Friday

Our next Funnel Friday is scheduled for Friday, November 19th. We will send home a reminder; however, all students will line up on the blacktop on Friday morning to walk through the funnel. For students that do not wish to participate, they may enter through door 7.


With inclement weather becoming more frequent, please review the following bullet points to help make drop-off and pick-up a safe and quick process. If we all follow the guidelines we can unload and load cars within 15 minutes on most days, considering we have over 600 students this is fantastic!

A few things that slow the process down:

  • Pull forward. With each transition, we can get 15 cars in the loading zone, but all vehicles need to pull forward and not leave a car length of space between your vehicle and the next.
  • Please do not pull ahead of other vehicles and block the left lane so that cars can not merge. This is when both lanes get blocked and we have to wait for the right lane to clear before allowing more cars in.
  • Adults - must remain in the vehicle. When using the loading zone children should be able to get in and out of the car independently. If your child still needs assistance we ask that you please park in our lot or the lot across the street at the church.

Thank you in advance for your support. Please pass this information along to your caregivers or adults that might drop off or pick up your child. We have a pretty smooth process if everyone is aware of and follows our guidelines.

Science Club - Winter Session!

Science Club is back with more hands-on science adventures for students in grades two through five. We’re offering two sessions, meeting on Tuesdays and Wednesdays, January 11th through February 23rd. We meet from 3:35 until 4:45 PM in the LMC.

Session 1: Electricity and Electronics (four weeks)

We’ll build and investigate Voltaic piles, vegetable batteries, and classic wet-cells, and learn to use a multimeter. We’ll peek inside “black box” electronic devices to see what components make them work. Finally, we’ll spend an hour with “Snap Circuits” creating working devices from those components.

Session 2: Colors (three weeks)

Do different fabrics turn the same color using the same dye? Are black inks really black, and are all made of the same dyes? Which of the Rotten family committed the dastardly deed? Find out in Session 2.

Want to join in the fun? Then fill out and return this registration form as soon as possible. Due to covid protocols each session is strictly limited to 24 students, and sessions can fill up very quickly.

To ensure that we’re able to provide a safe and enjoyable activity at least two adults will be present each day. Any days that do not have at least one adult volunteer will be canceled. Please consider signing up to help on one or more days as your schedule allows.

*First-grade students may only participate if

1. an older OMS sibling(s) is enrolled in Science Club AND

2. a parent, grandparent, aunt or uncle can volunteer to help every day the first

grade student attends.

Questions? Please contact Cynthia House at

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