Eagles Fly for Leukemia

By William Kaufmann

How Eagles for Leukemia started.

The Eagles Fly for Leukemia Foundation was founded by the Philadelphia Eagles’ former tight end, Mr. Fred Hill. His daughter was diagnosed with leukemia. Fred Hill and the rest of the Philadelphia Eagles began to raise money to support pediatric cancer research. Over Three decades later, Eagles Fly for Leukemia has been raising millions of dollars to assist in the research to abolish leukemia. It also has been a driving force behind enhancing the lives of children already stricken with the disease.
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Mission/Purpose of the organization

The main mission for this charity is to help find a cure for Leukemia and to help support families that have to pay for treatment for their child. Here is a story showing how the Eagles helped. Amanda was diagnosed with leukemia, her mother had to quit her job, in order to provide the care and support her other siblings. Her mother was now confronted with the stresses of caring for a sick child, supporting the other children, and keeping their home in financial order. Seeing the family was facing certain financial crisis. Then this charity was able to come and help out Amanda and her family. If the Eagles weren't able to help then Amanda might not be alive right now and this is what this charity is all about.
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Fund Raisers for the charity

This charity has had many fund raisers in the past to raise money for Leukemia. In the past they have had a Golf Tournament and they are also going to have another one this year. Also they have a fundraiser at the Philadelphia Zoo this year that previously had 900 people attend last year. And over the years this organization has raised millions of dollars.

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