Beanstalk Greenhouse

We sell the best plants in town!

Beanstalk Greenhouse has the best products!

At Beanstalk Greenhouse, plants are our specialty! We sell Snowy White Apple Blossoms, Sleeping Beauty Roses, Bily Goat Grass, and our special, giant beanstalk seeds and much, much, more! We are happy to treat customers with eagerness used for royalty. Come to Beanstalk Greenhouse for many beautiful, healthy plants!

Our Amazing Flowers

Beanstalk Greenhouse Happy Customers

We have many happy customers ready to share their opinions.

Sleeping B- I came in to buy some roses for my 16th birthday party, and I didn`t know where to go! But Phillip Prince showed me their wide selection of red, white, yellow, pink and purple flowers! Thank you Beanstalk Greenhouse!

Ariel - This morning, I sloshed in for some coral blossoms and Angel Fish Flowers when I noticed a bee flying above my head. As most people know, almost all sea creatures are terified of bees. Fortunatly, a worker there introduced me to the little bug, and now, B. Bug and I are best friends!

Gold E. Locks- When I was little, I went into the 3 friendly bear`s cottage with out permission. Now, Not-so-little-Baby Bear tripped and broke his ankle. I just wanted to say sorry for baby bear and my past break in by sending them some gorgeous flowers. There was such a wide variety of flowers, I almost couldn`t decide what flowers to do, but I finally settled on some honeysuckle. Beanstalk Greenhouse has so many selections!