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Doing More With Less

The one thing that school districts have in common today is that they are all struggling to do more, with less. More standards. More tests. More mandates. More curricular requirements.

Schools are also attempting to meet these changes with less local, state, and federal aid, fewer teachers and fewer resources. But you don't have to do it alone!

Merging Instructional Technology Services with Professional Development

As practicing secondary-school teachers and librarians, we personally experience this struggle every day. We work with teachers who strive to meet all the demands placed on them and their students, who would like to add technology and information literacy skills to their curriculum, but who just don't have the time or resources to do so.

To help bridge these gaps, and to provide teachers with tools to help them efficiently and painlessly incorporate technology into their daily lessons, we have created the TLT Weekly Tech Lessons for Teachers email professional development program.

Professional Training on the Newest Instructional Technologies Delivered Weekly to All Teachers

Transforming Learning &Teaching will deliver, every week, an email to every teacher in your district that:

  • Presents a new Web 2.0 technology resource or site to energize teaching and learning in every classroom
  • Provides instruction on operating and utilizing each featured technologies
  • Proposes curricular tie-ins to maximize the impact of each technology in various content areas, along with lesson ideas and methods to integrate technology in ways that increases student achievement

In addition, the weekly emails are:

  • Available in secondary and elementary editions, to ensure maximum relevance and efficacy for all teachers
  • Exciting and engaging, developed using one of the cutting edge Web 2.0 presentation technologies that will be shared with teachers
  • Filled with multi-media instruction and information, to help all teachers at all different technology comfort levels easily and quickly use the featured programs

In Your Email Today, in Your Classroom Tomorrow

We are teachers. We face all the same challenges your teachers face, but we are also are excited by the wealth of resources that are available to help us and our colleagues nationwide make learning more accessible, relevant and exciting for all of our students.

By creating the TLT Weekly Tech Lessons for Teachers subscription service, we are able to bring a diverse range of instructional technology-focused professional development resources to all of your teachers, every week. These resources are delivered in a format that teachers can pursue at their convenience, without upset to regular routines or a need to be out of classrooms during instructional time. Teachers will be able to utilize new programs immediately, and will continuously receive more programs, ideas and resources throughout the entire school year.

See It to Believe It!

But don’t take our word for it! Visit our site to see a full Tech Lessons for Teachers package on Symbaloo, a Web 2.0 resource that we think you will find will transform the way you organize your resources (we use it every day!). This presentation, evaluation guide and tutorial package is just like the ones that your teachers will receive every week when you subscribe to to TLT. Please feel free to share this resource with your teachers, administrators, and anyone else whom you think may benefit from this technology. Your teachers can receive an email like this, featuring a new technology, every single week. That’s dozens of new programs every year that will enhance and invigorate learning and teaching for all students, in all classes.

P.S. The TLT Weekly Technology Email Service is already priced to be easily affordable by schools and districts struggling to find the finances to support all of their needs. Many districts will find that a year’s worth of resources from TLT costs less than one day of their current professional development programs. However, schools that subscribe by June 30, 2013 will receive all the benefits of membership – weekly emails and more – at a 20% savings! Don’t miss this opportunity to receive all the benefits of membership at a steeply reduced rate!

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Lori Cambareri-Pruyne, NBCT, and Stacie Martinec are teachers and school library media specialists in upstate New York. They are looking forward to using their extensive classroom, instructional technology support and professional development experience to help transform learning & teaching with you!