Ms. Damschroder's 3rd Grade

Week of October 12, 2015

What do I do at home?

Read EVERY night!! Find a book and a comfortable spot. Then, dig into a good book!

Practice rounding to the nearest 10 and to the nearest hundred. For example, 45 would round to 50. 199 would round to 200. I found some rounding games online. I included a link to one below. You can also practice on Sumdog.

Practice addition and subtraction math facts. If you need flash cards, see Ms. Damschroder.

Spelling Words

Practice your words every night. There will be a test on Friday!

discover, enough, train

first, hopeless, plain

journal, let's, main

recycle, their, stain

there, they're, brain

Students will need to know the difference between their, there, and they're.

Examples are included below. Just click on the picture and it will enlarge.

Eureka Math

3rd grade teachers will be using a different math program for our next unit. Our next math unit will be Eureka Math Grade 3 Module 2 from Eureka Math. The Module title is Place Value and Problem Solving with Units of Measure. Students will explore with time measurement and problem solving. Students will learn how to find elapsed time. Students will also explore with measuring weight and liquid volume in metric units, rounding to the nearest 10 and hundred, 2 and 3 digit measurement addition and subtraction.

We are TRYING out this math in preparation for getting a math series that more closely targets what we must teach. Homework and student pages in class will look a little different. Please bear with us as we try this out. If you have any questions as new pages come home, please let me know. I will appreciate any feedback as to how homework went at home. Thank you!


If you sign your child up for Lift-Off, please write a note in their agenda each week so I know they have permission to go to Lift-Off. The school does not keep the permission slips that are sent in. The slips go to the church, so I do not have a record of who is signed up. Thank you for your help in this.


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