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Teaching with Technology

Genre Study


identifying literary elements

identifying a variety of genres through the analysis of literary elements


Teacher will introduce a variety of genres including fiction, non fiction, mystery, fantasy, historical fiction, and comedy.


Teacher will conduct an informal assessment of the students’ understanding of each genre.


Groups of students will be assigned a book from one of the genre categories. Students will work together through Google Docs to discover each of the literary elements found within their genre.

-Google Docs

Students will create a book trailer about their book to share with the class.


Students will create an infographic with each of the literary elements to be displayed in the library.


Tool Review

Prezi is a web based presentation tool. I use this frequently for my lectures. They have templates to help format your presentation. It takes a little while to figure out how to use because it different than other presentation tools. It uses motion to make your presentation more lively. This is a free tool.

Plickers is a tool teachers can use for formative assessments. I choose this tool because each student does not need a device to participate. The teacher has the device and provides print cards for the students to use to answer the questions. The teacher's device reads and records the students' answers and displays them on the computer. This

is a free tool.

Google Docs allows students to create and save documents, spreadsheets, and presentations on the web. When these documents are shared with others, editing rights can be giving so students can collaborated on an assignment or task. This is a free tool, but students will need a gmail account.

Animoto is a cloud based video creation tool. It is easy to use and creates the great videos. There is a free version, but videos will have the Animoto logo unless you pay for a subscription.

Piktochart is a tool that allows students to create infographics. it is free, easy to use, and offers templates to get students started.


Students will be evaluated using a rubric.