I Am Single

Done By Luke Saad

About Me

Hello my name is Vercingetorix Leonidas Antony Octavian Septimius Severus Caesar senior. I am a "King" penguin and I will treat you like a Queen. I am really good in the water if you know what I mean, but I am warm blooded. I am "Chill and Slick" like my fur. I will protect you with my sword/beak. I catch my food, which is krill, fish and squid. After work at Bone Fish Grill, we will watch TV. The kingdom of aves is "eggselent" because I am in it. They provide feathers for pillows and a lot of other things. I may have descended from two footed lizards. Yes there are 9,000 other species of aves, but there is only one Vercingetorix Leonidas Antony Octavian Septimius Severus Caesar.

About You

I am looking for a mammal to mate with, one who has nice fur like me. I would like to see a baby growing in one's stomach for a period of time. I think we would get along since we are both warm blooded. My new partner might be faster than me because she will have four legs. This can be useful because this mammal of mine can be like my limo. You know, because I am a king. I know mammals want some of this. They just have to "ad"mitt.