Susan B. Anthony

Susan Brownell Anthony


My objective is to obtain a career that allows women to have the same rights as men and publish them for everyone to see.

Professional Experience

  • worked as a teacher
  • published newspaper articles
  • worked as Women`s Rights Activist
  • worked with Elizabeth Cady Stanton to allow women to have the same rights as men


  • Rochester New York (I was born and worked)
  • Seneca Falls New York (worked there)

Years of Employment

  • Started teaching in 1846-1849
  • Began women`s suffrage conventions 1851-1869

My Success

  • Accomplished improving the federal suffrage ammendment
  • Wrote letters and diaries and they all got published in the library of congress


  • Elizabeth Cady Stanton

I feel as if Susan B Anthony is a very successful women. She has done many great things throughout her lifetime so far. Every idea she has thought of improving has improved, and every new idea she has though of has become something very successful. Susan is also a very hard working women. Especially when she is doing something she cherishes. She Is someone you will love to get to know and someone who will always be there thinking of new ideas. I have really enjoyed the times I have spent working wither Susan.


  • Matilda Joslyn Gage

In mine and Susan`s early days we worked long hours together. We were both people who wanted to improve on the same topic. Knowing someone like that made me feel like we would be good together. Susan is very hardworking women and she always provides great ideas. Susan is someone you always look forward to working with.