Friday "ROAR"

Friday October 11th, 2019

Notes from your Administration

Thank you so much for all you do each and every day. We saw excellent presentations and interactive sessions for our students and families on Thursday during Literacy Night and appreciate you for providing this and supporting our vision. Friendship Day today was a great success as well - thank you to all who assisted with these experiences for our students. Please make sure your lesson plans are current and available and agendas are posted and updated for students. At the end of the day, please have students packed and ready to transition. We will have a faculty meeting on Monday. Enjoy your weekend and don't forget self-care! We will see you back on Monday!

AVID Tech Spotlight

Inquiry in WICOR : Videos can be fun ways to provide an opportunity for inquiry for your students. Think about what you can do following the clip. You can find safe videos and interactives on Learn 360 by DISCUS

AVID Strategy that can be used with the video or with texts GIST or Sum It Up

SOS strategy: ABC Summary

Snowball Questions: Write your question down on scrap sheet, ball it up, throw it in the center, and ask for a few volunteers to read a question they found out loud to discover throughout the unti.

Minute PD on Dyknow

Dyknow should be used to help push quick links out to students during instruction, and help with monitoring students on devices during independent practice or independent work. Some students may require "Allow Only" plans if their actions on devices continue to become a distraction.

5 Minute Starter Video * Sign in with Google *

Dyknow Slide helper By Cheryl Hunter. * If you would like Mrs. Porter to make an allow only plan with you, she can. Everyone has access to the district Google Products Allow Only Plan*

What's Going On??

Week of October 14th

Media Rotation Week

Faculty Meeting

Monday, October 14th

Faculty Meeting

Tuesday, October 15th

Angel Brown is coming to meet with K-2 teams and observe 3-5

Flu Shot Clinic 2:30 pm

Last Day to have Appt. with Ward Services for Open Enrollment on our Campus

Wednesday, October 16th

Girls Leadership Meets

Thursday, October 17th

Bus Evacuation Drill starting at 9 am

Staff Outing - Buffalo Wild Wings @ 3:45 pm

Friday, October 18th

District In-service Day; No school for students


Looking Ahead

Upcoming Week of October 21st

Monday, October 21st

CogAt Testing Day 1

Faculty Meeting

Tuesday,October 22nd

Kindergarten goes to the Downtown Library

Wednesday, October 23rd

CogAt Testing Day 2

Thursday,October 24th

CogAt Testing Day 3

Friday, October 25th

End of 1st Nine Weeks