Sneak Peek

Miss Roberts * Stoy School * April 11, 2016


We are going to wrap up our Heroes and Helpers unit by exploring the question, “How can stories be alike and different?” First, we will read the fantasy story, Dex: The Heart of a Hero, about a dog who becomes a Superhero! We will also learn about some real heroes in the informational text, Heroes Then and Now.

Target Vocabulary: depended, overlooked, sprang, studied, gazing, hero, exercise, sore

Phonics Skills: Words with r-controlled vowels or (for), ore (bore)

Vocabulary Strategy: Prefix over- (means “above” or “beyond”)

Comprehension Skill: Compare and contrast – tell how two things are alike or not

Comprehension Strategy: Monitor/clarify – find ways to figure out what doesn’t make sense

During Writer's Workshop this week, the students will continue researching information about their insect. Through modeling and practice, the students will learn how to use their information to draft a paragraph for each section of their report. Throughout the process, they will be reminded of their purpose to help them monitor the content of their report.

3rd Marking Period W.E.B. Project

On Monday, your child will bring home their final 2nd Grade W.E.B. Project assignment; a poem. Each child will be memorizing, reciting and performing their poem on Thursday, May 12th . The author of their poem was written at the bottom of their paper. Part of the assignment is to gather a few facts about him/her and talk about them prior to their performance.


Lesson 8-4: Drawing and Reasoning About Quadrolaterals (Day 2)
  • Review the open response problem & discuss what would make a good garden plan
  • Discuss drawings and evaluate their written arguments
  • Revise drawings and arguments from Thursdays
Lesson 8-5: Attributes of 3-Dimensional Shapes
  • Solve basic facts
  • Find examples of cubes
  • Discuss their descriptions of a cube
  • Discuss attributes of 3-diemensional shapes
  • Compare and discuss 3-dimensional shapes
  • Vocabulary *cube *face *apes
Lesson 8-6: Partitioning Rectangles, Part 1
  • Practice place-value skills
  • Tile a rectangle
  • Partition a rectangle into same-size squares
  • Use manipulatives to partition rectangles into same-size squares
  • Vocabulary *row * column *partition
Lesson 8-7: Partitioning Rectangles, Part 2
  • Practice basic facts
  • Use a square pattern block to partition a rectangle into same-size squares
  • Use a visual aid to partition rectangles into equal rows of same-size squares
  • Partition rectangles into equal rows without manipulatives or visual aids

Social Studies

The students will wrap up the Rocks and Minerals science unit by identifying the remainder of their rocks. This lesson has introduced the students to the process of elimination and has given them opportunities to discuss their observations.

We are beginning Social Studies Unit 5, Past and Present. The students will begin by listening to the story Growing Seasons and learn about a family that lived 100 years ago. They will then look at various pictures of trees and describe what time of year they are from. As a class, we will identify early uses of calendars and clocks as ways to measure time. We will try to order events by using the terms "ancient times" and "modern times." Finally, using a time line, we will trace the history of space exploration.


  • April 11th - 3rd Marking Period W.E.B. Projects coming home
  • April 13th - 1/2 Day - Teacher In-Service
  • April 19th - Flower Sale orders due
  • April 21st - Baseball spirit day and pretzel sale
  • April 22nd - Earth Day
  • April 23rd - Stoy School Fair! Noon - 4:00
  • April 25th - Celebration of the Arts
  • April 28th - Jump Rope for Heart