My online identity

Digital Literacy Final Exam 2015

My digital footprint.

My Digital footprint is what people see when they research me online. They see what I've done, where I've been, what I have seen and who I am in general. It is important because it could help me get a job, help get me into school, or even prevent me from going or doing something I want to do.

My digital footprint is pretty small, however it is very clean. I just have people posts of me on twitter about me while competing in sports for Leyden. Or maybe it is something I posted about No-Shave November. I also have an Instagram that is no longer is service and facebook which has never been opened.

How can I Improve my digital footprint, and what have I learned this year?

I am already very careful about what I post or get posted. I like to let people know that I was on a sports team that has healthy competition. The way that I could improve my digital footprint would be to keep posting good things that I do like Sports, community service, and jobs I get in the future.

I Have learned that Maintaining a positive footprint is very important at this time of technology. The most important thing for me about learning about my digital footprint is it's their forever and anyone can access it to view. This means that if I go for a job interview and something it uploaded that was bad and I deleted it 5 months ago, the interviewer could still find that picture or post. This could mean I can lose a job school or big money career opportunities.

Photos below are taken from Leyden XC and can be found on google, twitter, and other sources.

What impact will Twitter have in my future???

I hope that by working hard on my digital footprint, I can get into the schools that I want and if I apply for a scholarship, that I will have some proof that I have done this. Hopefully, It will help me with a scholarship or two also. I work hard post the right stuff online and even to be careful about who I follow and who follows me back.

My Twitter could also work against me. I can do everything right and then mess up once, get my picture taken and someone uploads that, and it could possibly mess up my future forever. That is why I try to keep my future clear and my online footprint clean.