Destiny Williamson


They had dictatorship government , "Papa Doc rose to international notoriety as he presided over one of the most brutal and repressive dictatorship of the 20th century.'


The type of leadership they had were cruel, it was cruel because Duvalier, "whose leadership was no less brutal or corrupt."

Background Info-Papa Doc

  • Born on April 14, in Port-au-
  • He died on April 21, in Port-au-prince.
  • He was a distasteful leader.
  • Education:University of Haiti
  • Five kids

Background Info-Baby Doc

  • He was born July 3, 1951 in Port-au-prince.
  • He died on October 4, 2014 in Port-au-prince.
  • Education:University of Haiti
  • Two kids.
  • Divorced