Pictures Of Hollis Woods

By: Patricia Reilly Giff


This book is about a troublesome little girl. She is 12 years-old and an orphan. She is staying with an old lady. The old lady's name is Josie. She is an artists just like Hollis. Josie is an amazing painter. She is always working hard and making her painting perfect. The old lady needs Hollis because she is very forgetful. The only other time that Hollis remembers that she was happy was when she was in a foster home. Now she is with a family that truly cares about her.


The main character is Hollis Woods. Then there is the Reagan family, the "Mustard Woman", she finds homes for Hollis. Then there is the old lady Josie.

Patricia Reilly Giff

Patricia Reilly Giff began her life in Brooklyn, New York surrounded by books. As a child, Giff would prefer to have her nose in a book imagining the life of each character rather than playing with the other children. Some of her favorite childhood reads included Little Women, The Secret Garden, and the Black Stallion books, the Sue Barton books, and the Nancy Drew series.


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