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Vol. 3 No. 2 ~ October 30, 2015

In this Newsletter:

  • Check it Out! eBooks for Junior Highs
  • PKES & WAES 2nd: Citizenship
  • JMES 4th: Water Cycle
  • WAES 5th: Geological Processes
  • Library Spotlight: Heritage Elementary
  • Weber Reads: Shakespeare

Check it Out! eBooks for Junior Highs

Through a grant secured by the District Teacher Librarians, OverDrive eBooks and audio books are now available to Ogden School District's junior high students. This is a wonderful opportunity for students to explore recreational and informational reading on devices during the school year and throughout the summer. To learn more, visit your school's library or visit Happy Reading!

PKES and WAES 2nd Grade: Citizenship

What makes a good citizen in our community and at school? If you're not sure, ask a Polk or Wasatch 2nd grader. They found information about citizenship in books, videos, and from experts at their schools. Using their information, they created guides for good citizenship which they shared with younger students. One class created their guides using Book Creator on iPads. If you see them picking up trash when no one is looking, or helping someone in need, complement them on their good citizenship.

JMES 4th: Diary of a Water Drop

Evaporation, condensation, precipitation...we've heard it before, right? Well, fourth grade students at James Madison demonstrated their knowledge of the water cycle by writing a story. The students took notes from text and graphs in Google Classroom and wrote very unique "Diary of a Water Drop" stories using Google Slides. You may even hear these students singing a very catchy water cycle song. As one student said, "It never gets old."

WAES 5th: Geological Processes

What do geological process, national parks, and Google Sites have in common? Wasatch 5th graders! Students researched landslides, earthquakes, volcanoes, weathering, erosion, deposition, and uplift, and created websites to show their knowledge of how these geological processes changed the landscape of national parks. Students were introduced to Google Classroom and Google Sites to organize their information and create their projects.

Library Spotlight: Heritage Elementary

Cheers to library clerks Tammy Woodward and Rachel Sillito for their day-to-day efforts to make Heritage's library a welcoming space! Their clever decorations are bright and engaging. They also have great incentives for students to encourage appropriate behavior in the library and to inspire reading. They collaborate to design fun and meaningful literacy activities. Thank you for everything you do for Heritage's students and faculty!

To Read or Not to Read

Look for Shakespeare in your library! The Weber Reads program generously donated to each school library a collection of Shakespeare books (by the bard and about the bard) appropriate for elementary and secondary students. The collection also includes lesson ideas to integrate Shakespeare into your language arts or social studies lessons. These books are great resources for students and teachers. Visit your school library to learn more about the Shakespeare collection and the Weber Reads program.

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