The development of western Canada

The group of Metis communities in western Canada

Many of the communities which exist in western canada have been founded by the metis. Thees communities are very diverse in terms of economic development and cultural orientation, which is a testament to the diversity of metis experience. The location history habitat trading systems transportation methods, food, religion, clothing, education and social life of these metis communities is also discussed.

Metis nation economic development

Each symposium brings together the metis nation, Goverments and industry leaders to build new relationship that will enable metis to fully share in economic development opportunities. The signing of the accords during this symposium reflects the success of these relationship, which are leading to measurable gains in both metis employment and business prospects for metis people and communities in Canada and the (MNC) are expected to sign a metis economic development the meaning of (MNC) is a corporation that has its facilities and other assets in at least one country.

4 facts about the metis

*in 2006 census, approximately one-third of the aboriginal population in Canada, almost 400,000 people, identified as metis.

*close to 43% of the total metis population of Canada are under the age of 25.

* being metis is not simply a matter of having mixed European and first nations heritage. metis are a distinct with their own culture, language, values and beliefs.

*while metis are a distinct people, there is a great deal diversity among the population with regards to culture, language, values and beliefs, varying between communities and geographic regions.