The Mortal Instruments

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The Mortal Instruments - City of Bones Summary

Have you ever thought that there was a world concealed in our own, a world that you cannot see? Meet Clarissa Fray, an artistic teen with a temper as fiery as her hair. One night Clary goes to a club called 'Pandemonium', and a brightly blue haired boy catches her attention, making her watch his every move.

The strange partygoer gets pulled into a storage room by a lovely teenage girl in a white dress. Alerting her best friend Simon to alert the bouncer if any trouble happened, much to her curiosity, Clary followed them. She finds that the beautiful girl is with two other boys and watches from the safety of a few boxes as the teens bound the blue haired boy in ropes. Sensing the boy was in danger, Clary steps in front of the blue haired boy. The teens stared at her in confusion, but it didn't stop them from doing their job. They slayed the demon right in front of Clary. Isabelle and Alec warned Jace, not to tell Clar to much. But Jace was stubborn. He explained that they were all shadowhunters.

Simon returns to the storage room with the bouncer, and when she looks back at where Isabelle, Alec, and Jace were standing, they're not there.

Returning home, she witnesses her mother in a peculiar mood. Ms. Fray orders Clary to pack all her things, since they were leaving New York for the countryside for the rest of the Summer. Luke, who has been her dad ever since hers died in war, tries to persuade Clary to come. Infuriated, Clary snatches her satchel and storms out the local café, Java Jones to hang out with Simon.

Clary was still a bit frazzled from last nights encounter, but she knows she's not hallucinating, when she sees one of the shadowhunters she saw at Pandemonium, Jace. Beckoning Clary into an alley, Jace speaks to her, but is interrupted from a phone call from her mother. Ms. Fray is frantic at the other end, warning Clary not to come home in a series of shouts and screams. The there a few thumps, and the line goes dead.

Clary, frozen in shock, drops her phone on the ground, breaking it. She grabs the device in Jace's hand, which looks like a phone, and runs towards her apartment without ever asking Jace for it. Arriving at her apartment, she finds it in ruins. This surely wasn't a flimsy robbery. Despite all the torn up pillows and paintings, everything was there except her mother.

Then, Clary hears slithering in the room next to her. Moving cautiously, she slowly opens the door... and a creature pounces on her! Both wrestle to the ground, and Clary sticks the device she grabbed from Jace into the creatures mouth. She kills the demon and it melts, but not before it bites her back.

Vulnerable and unconscious, Jace finds Clary back at the apartment. He carries her all the way to the Institute, which is hidden with a glamour that makes it look like a junk yard.

When Clary awakes, Jace introduces her to the rest of the shadowhunters in the Institute. There is Isabelle, the beautiful girl in the white dress she saw at 'Pandemonium', Alec, a strong willed boy that looks just like Isabelle, and lastly, Hodge Starkweather, the adult of the Institute. They discuss Valentine, who has is an outcasted shadowhunter, leader of Circle, a group who despised Downlworlders.

When Clary regains her strength, she is desperately worried about her mother. She persuades Jace to come with her back to the apartment. When they both get there, they're attacked again. They run for cover to Madame Dorothea's apartment downstairs.

Jace and Clary find out that she is a witch who has strong ties to the Nephilim. While Clary is poking around, Madame Dorothea shows Jace a tarot card deck.

Clary finds a portal behind one of the many curtains in Madame Dorothea's department, and jumps through it, thinking her mother might be somewhere in there. Jace, giving an exasperated groan, jumps in after her.

They land in a bush, on top of each other. Crawling over the fence that surrounds the building they have portaled to, they land on another bush. At least that's what it looks like; it's Simon! He explains that he's been waiting outside Luke's house ever since Clary disappeared. Clary, Jace, and Simon head back to the Institute. According to Hodge, Simon is the first ever mundane to enter the Institute.

The gang travels to the City of Bones, to consult the Silent Brothers for further information. They find out that Clary has a block in her mind, stopping her from seeing everything Nephilim related. Jace, Isabelle, Simon, Alec, and Clary suit up for


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Judith Remelt

Judith Remelt is the author of the Mortal Instruments series, and is better known by her pen name Cassandra Clare. She was born in Iran to American Parents, and lives in Amherst, Massachusetts with her husband, Joshua Lewis, and their three cats.




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The first movie ever to be released is based on the first book of the Mortal Instruments series, City of Bones. The actors are:

Lily Collins - Clarissa Fray

Kevin Zegers - Alec Lightwood

Jamie Campbell Brower - Jace Wayland

Lena Headey - Jocelyn Fray

Robert Sheenan - Simon Lewis

Jemima West - Isabelle Lightwood

Jared Harris - Hodge Starkweather

Godfrey Gao - Magnus Bane

Jonathan Rys Meyers - Valentine Morgenstern

Aiden Turner - Lucian Graymark

Kevin Durand - Pangborn

C.C.H Pounder - Madame Dorothea

Stephen R. Hart - Brother Jeremiah

Robert Maillet - Blackwell

Chad Conell - blue haired demon

vocab for shadowhunters

The Clave

The Clave is a political group of leaders and shadowhunters that make decisions for the Nephilim, and enforce laws by using the Inquisitor and the Silent brothers.

The Circle

The Circle was a group made by Valentine well into his high school years. Its purpose was to slay and rid the filth of downworlders.

The Nephilim

The Nephilim are special protectors, and were made when Raziel offered Jonathan Shadowhunter to drink from the Mortal Cup. The Nephilim safeguard well being and pureness, protecting mundanes all over the world without them even knowing it.


Downworlders are half humans and the unknown. Downworlders include species such as werewolves, fairies, vampires, and demons.


Glamour is magic that hides things from mundanes. It's like sunblock, but for sight. If you're not Nephilim, Downworlder or Angel, you cannot see through glamour.


'Mundane' is the word shadowhunters use for unmagical beings.

The Silent Brothers

The Silent Brothers are ultimate shadowhunters that bear the marks of great power, have eyeless sockets, and are the Clave's emotional weapon.

By: Kimbelry Wellington