Urban League College Track Newsletter


On behalf of the entire Urban League College Track Staff welcome back! The center is buzzing with excitement as we await the arrival of our scholars. This new year is going to be full of exciting and new experiences and we can't wait to be there every step of the way.


Report Cards

The 1st semester, 2nd quarter, as come to a close. In order to better serve our students we need copies of the 1 semester reports cards ASAP. We want to provide each student with individualized educational enrichment. We can't do that without those report cards. Help us help them!

Workshops Workshops Workshops!!!

In addition to Academic Tutoring and College Advisory each student is allowed to take some additional academically based and socially enthusiastic workshops led by experts in their field.

Check out some of the amazing courses we will be offering this semester.

Cooking and International Foods

In this workshop, students will be learning about human cultures through the hands-on experience of cooking and eating. Taught by a rotating cast of ULCT staff, Cooking and International Foods will involve learning about food cultures from a variety of regions and cooking simple dishes each class period with the help of staff. If you’ve ever wanted to learn how to cook well, this is the class for you. Bon appetite!

Chemistry Proseminar

To help prepare College Track students for the rigors of university-level laboratory science, ULCT is offering a Proseminar in Chemistry. Come enjoy the thrill and exploration of science experiments, learn what you’ll need to succeed in high school chemistry, and create a fun project for the ULCT Science Fair, to be held during Showcase.

Politics of the Body

In this course, students will explore the modalities of health, sexuality and wellness in a mature, safe and informed way. We will discuss ways of relating to our bodies in healthy ways—eating, exercise, relaxation—as well as sexual experience and its relationship to a well-balanced and intelligent adulthood. This class will demand maturity and open-mindedness from both its students and staff.

Performance Seminar

Performance Seminar is an interactive workshop designed to prepare high school students for education in the liberal arts by infusing multiple forms of literature with the learning modalities germane to theater and performance arts. By exploring the disciplinary connections between theater, performance and literature, we aim to engage students in a rigorous course of learning, leverage local cultural resources, and benefit students in numerous ways including spoken word poetry, body movement, performance of literature, stand-up comedy, and community engagement performance pedagogy.

Introduction to Photography

In this course, students will learn the basics of photographic technique from a trained photographer. Activities will include visiting the local NOLA Print Shop, going over the procedures of using a darkroom, and touring various locations in New Orleans to take pictures. Additionally, students will learn how to operate a camera, use lighting, and develop photos using technological platforms. For a final showcase project, students will craft their own photo exhibitions to display to friends, family, and fellow ULCT students.

We need your input

Got a question? Comment? Concern? Criticism? Idea? We want to hear it!
Parents, as the backbone to the work that we do we want to ensure you that your input is of the utmost important. Please feel free to share just about anything.

Send us an email. Give us a call! Mail us a greeting card. Tweet us how you feel. No seriously...we have a twitter. @ulcollegetrack

Happy Birthday Mrs. Pigeon-Narcisse

Wednesday, Jan. 15th, 10am-12pm


Director of Student Life, Lauren Pigeon-Narcisse, will be celebrating a birthday! B-Day Card are greatly appreciated!!!


Senior Parents! The 2014-2015 FAFSA is now available to fill out and send to schools that your child is considering for college. You can apply for your FAFSA pin and fill out the application here:

Grit Groups This semester we will be rolling out a very unique and more personal way of tutoring and mentoring our students. INSERT MORE INFORMATION ABOUT GRIT GROUPS.

Check out Dr. Angela Duckworth, 2013 MacArthur Fellow and Psychologist at the University of Pennsylvanian. In thsi short video she talks about her research on Grit and Self-control, some of the very skills that teach our ULCT scholars!

Thanks for your continued support of our students!

Research Psychologist Angela Duckworth, 2013 MacArthur Fellow | MacArthur Foundation