by Brennan Gould


A figure of speech in which a phrase is applied to something as if it is that thing when in reality, it is not

Baseball as Extended Metaphor, by Mel Glenn

You set out from Home,

aiming to propel your Life

out of the local park,

besting the law of averages

for an extraordinary career.

You realize, of course, time is finite,

nine innings, four score and ten or so,

and hope you can make some real

contribution to the Game of Life.

You get on board at First,

courtesy of a walk through your teenage years,

and head for Second and your adulthood.

Having rounded Second at full speed,

you determine to purchase security at Third.

Once there, you contemplate the rest of your Life,

and realize all you really want now

is to head back Home, retire, and receive

the plaudits of family, friends and fans

who value what you have brought to the Game.

Why I Chose This Poem

I chose this poem because there isn't one specific metaphor in the poem, the whole poem is a metaphor. I also enjoy playing baseball, so this poem was a perfect fit.