Ernest Hemingway


20 Cool Facts About Ernest Hemingway (1899-1961)

1. He was born in Oak Park, Illinois.

2. Started his career in a newspaper office.

3. He joined a volunteer ambulance unit in the Italian army.

4. His first book was published in 1924 & was called "In Our Time."

5. His birthday is July 21, 1899.

6. He committed suicide on his birthday at the age of 61.

7. He was a major alcoholic.

8. He loved to hunt and be outdoors.

9. He killed various exotic animals.

10. Ernest has written over 8,000 letters in his life time.

11. Ernest's nickname was "Papa"

12. As a boy Ernest was treated like a girl.

13. He never was an actual soldier because of his eye-sight.

14. Hemingway received the Nobel Peace Prize in 1954.

15. He went into depression after some close friends passed away which lead him to suicide.

16. He had five siblings.

17. Ernest married four women in his life.

18. Martha Gellhorn was Hemingway's 3rd wife in 1940.

19. He almost died in two plane crashes in Africa.

20. He published 6 short stories.

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