Bagnificent Ladybugs

July 2014 Team Newsletter

Team Stats

Bagnificent Ladybugs sold $3,724.00 in July!

We had a party average of $532.00

We had an average of $465.50 per selling consultant on our team.

44% of our team had sales during the month of July.

67% of our team is qualified (sold their first $1000)

Welcome to the team!!!
Rebecca Sheehan (Heather B.)

Who's Been Partying????

Megan Riggins - 2

Heather Barthelme - 2

Amy Janik - 1

Jennifer Schoenert - 1

Amy Sturm - 1

Top in Sales for July

$1000+ PV
Megan Riggins $1325

$500+ PV
Heather Barthelme $880

Jennifer Schoenert $627

$200+ PV

Amy Janik $322

Amy Sturm $314

Monthly Specials!

August Customer:
Spend $35, get a Chillicious Thermal for $10.

August Hostess:
Get a Lunch Break Thermal for only $5 when you host a $200+ party.

September Customer:

Spend $35, get the new All-Day Tote for only $15.

September Hostess:

Get a Take Two Tote for only $31 when you host a $200+ party.

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Ideas for Earning Ready, Set, Sell!

  1. The BEST way to guarantee that you earn at LEAST one level of Ready, Set Sell is to PARTY! Call up those potential hostesses that have sat on the fence about hostessing and share the customer & hostess rewards for August. Plus, you can book more parties for fall!
  2. Make "Pink Bag Calls" to previous hostesses this past season to check in on them and see how they're liking their products (be specific about the products they ordered). Casually mention in the conversation that you're booking for August and would they be interested in grabbing a date. Or maybe they had more on their wish list that they're wanting. Be sure to mention the special for August!
  3. Teacher Appreciation Opportunity. Teachers collect orders and earn a gift card to Walmart to use on school supplies for a percentage of the sales. (You keep the hostess rewards OR give them to her - up to you!) See the Eberwine Elite page on Facebook for more info.
  4. Kiddie Care Bags for the Ronald McDonald House. See the Eberwine Elite page on Facebook for more info.
  5. Facebook parties. Share with customers that it's a great way to earn free products without having to clean their house or get out of their PJs!
  6. Host a Customer/Hostess Appreciation Night
  7. Host a BINGO night
  8. Host a 4x4 party (Invite 4 friends and get them to bring 4 friends each!)

Happy Birthday to Polly Bolero & Ryan Martin! :D