Ms. Bachhuber's Bulletin

September 4, 2015

Weekly Bulletin

I will be emailing you a weekly bulletin to keep you updated on what is happening in your child's classroom!

Our First Week!

It has been an incredible first week of fourth grade! I have enjoyed getting to know every one of my students.

This week we have been busy learning our PBIS (Positive Behavior in School) expectations. Here are a couple of pictures of our Bus Behavior expectations that the fourth graders received from Mrs. Scheuerell. We also went to a PBIS assembly at the end of the day today.

In writing, we are launching our writer's workshop. We have gone over the prewriting and drafting stages of the writing process. Next week, we will dive deeper into our "About the Author" pages we are creating!

In reading, we are working on answering deeper thinking questions while we read and making connections.


We have started our science unit of Magnetism and Electricity. We just started investigating our magnets on Thursday and exploring what types of materials are magnetic. We explored with items around the classroom and objects in our test kits. As a class, we discovered that magnets only stick to iron or steel!

Ask Your Child About Our Math Vocabulary!

For our Everyday Math Unit 1, students must know:

  • What is a line? (A straight path that extends infinitely in opposite directions).
  • What is a line segment? (A straight path joining two points. The two points are called endpoints of the segment).
  • What is a ray? (A straight path that starts at one point [called the endpoint] and continues forever in one direction).