The Kelp Forest

A World Full of Surprises

Information on the Kelp Forest


A lot of kelp forests are found where the water is cold and contains lots of healthy nutrients. The nutrients are important because they help the kelp to grow and thrive which provides as food for many of the aquatic life that live there.

Climate and Layout

Average Temperature: 40-72F

Level of Salinity: High

Packing List


-Diving Suit (Rubber suit, goggles, flippers, etc.)


-Towels and Toiletries.

-Extra clothes




Kelp forests are full of a variety of plants and animals. It shows colorful organisms as far as the eye can see. Many of the animals are fish and crabs and a lot of the plants are kelp and other aquatic plants. Look for all sorts of unique things!

Examples of some plants and animals

-Sea cucumbers




-Small sharks

Science Knowledge

Invasive Species

An invasive species is something that is not from the area that it lives in. It is called invasive because the species will most likely end up causing damage to the area it moved into.

Examples of Some Invasive Species

-Black sea urchin

-Tropical fish


Different materials contain different things that can be used as resources. Some plants carry different chemicals that have benefits to making different products. The water may also contain healthy nutrients for other products.

Examples of Resources

-Biomass that comes from seaweed (seaweed can also be used for food)

-Different nutrients and natural chemicals from the water.

Human Impacts on Kelp Forests

As civilization is increasing daily, kelp forests are being put in danger. A lot of trash is ending up in different aquatic areas, and kelp forests being one of them. Many animals are being put to harm as trash either chokes them or traps them.

Can Anything Be Done?

It doesn't matter if you don't live near kelp forests. Anybody can help by cleaning up trash and raising awareness to the situation. If you see trash lying around it, throw it away. Go around town and tell people how trash and different pollution is affecting natural habitats and the animals that live in there.

There are so many things to see and do in kelp forests! Go outside and be creative and most importantly, have fun!