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Romania is located in central Europe. It is bordered by Muldova and Hungary in the north and Serbia and Bulgaria in the south. The westernmost border is on the Black Sea. The capital of Romania is Bucharest.


The Romanian flag has three strips similar to the national flag of France. There are three equal vertical bands of blue, yellow and red.

The colors red and yellow are of Walachia and the red and blue are of Moldavia. Those to regions united in 1862 to form Romania.


Romania is considered a Republic. A Republic is a type of government where. power is given to the people who elect representatives. The current leader of Romania is Klaus Lohannis.

Government leaders are chosen by election through the Chamber of Deputies and the Senate. It is up to the citizens to vote and obey the laws of Romania.


Romania is consider a poor country in terms of wealth compared to the United States.

The currency used by Romanians is the Leu.

Romania's export economy is based primarily on machinary and equipment, chemicals, minerals and fuels, and textiles/footware.

Romanians life expectancy is 74.56 years with a birthrate of 9.9. Literacy is at 98.8%.

Drinking source is 87.7% improved quality.


Most Romanians wear modern clothing. Based on the environment, clothing is generally light.

Romanians speak Romanian which is related to Latin.

Romanians celebrate many holidays such as Dragobete (celebrated on February 24 as "Lover's Day" ), Martisor (the arrival of Spring), Children's Day, and a holiday we know called Christmas.

Food-wise, Romanians dishes include Mamaliga, a type of polenta (a hot cereal of ground corn meal), pork, beef, lamb, and fish.


The Romanian climate is temperate to continental with an average yearly rainfall of 15-25 inches and average temperature of 26 to 79 degrees F.

Changes in climate mostly affect tourism, especially winter tourism such as skiing.


In 200 B.C., the Dacian Kingdom was led by King Oroles. He is best known for stopping the Bastarnae invasion of Transylvania.

In 1699 A.D., Emperor Leopold I decries Transylvania's Orthodox Church to be one with the Roman Catholic Church by joining the newly created Romanian Greek-Catholic Church.

Additionally, Count Dracula of Transylvania was a real person known as Vlad The Impaler. He was not a vampire.

Comparison/Contrast to the United States

Romania is a very different country from the United States. While there aren't that many comparisons between the two countries, a few exist.

Both nations are republics which allows the people to be in control of their country. Life expectancy rates are close to the same and citizens from both countries have around the same employment rates.

On the opposite end, the countries have many differences. Romanians make significantly less income and have higher infant mortality rates than Americans but they consume significantly less oil and electricity as well as have far less crime rates.