18 November at 8.20am- 2 to 6 Writing workshop for parents

24 November - Science Day

25-26 November 5.30-7.00p.m - SJI Elementary School Presents Art-tastic Adventures (A whole school exhibition of individual and collaborative artwork). Elementary School Hall.

27 November - ES School Disco

TBA - Field Trip to Science Centre

11 December - End of Christmas Term

11 January - Start of Easter Term

G2/3 Sports Day will now be on Wednesday March 9th 2016.


Our adventures with 'force' continued this week as the children focused on air resistance. The Ewoks from the forest moon of Endor needed the children's help to design and construct hang gliders to help them in their battle against the evil Empire's Storm-troopers who have invaded their home.

After creating their hang glider frames, the children experimented with different materials to act as the sails. Using the fair test method we learnt last week, the children tested their Ewok hang gliders with different materials for the sails. The sails were the one 'variable' changed when 'testing' the hang gliders.

After experimenting and recording results, discussions took place about how the force of 'air resistance' causes drag and lift.

The Ewoks were very grateful for the children's efforts and now have a squadron of hang gliders at their disposal.

Next week, 'gravity' will play a major role in their new mission as the children design and make cargo drops that will successfully protect egg supplies for Rebel Forces stationed in the outer regions of the galaxy.

Please can we ask for recyclable materials from home such as paper bags, cotton wool, bubble wrap, foil, plastic cups, materials no longer needed, straws, chopsticks, cereal/ biscuit boxes, yogurt containers, polystyrene food trays, balls etc.. to be brought into school for our 'gravity' experiments. Thank you.

May The Force Be With You!


Story settings were our focus this week. Again, using the wonderful story by Shaun Tan, 'The Lost Thing', the children worked with a partner to compare our world with the world of 'the thing'. Discussions, writings and drawings took place that emphasised the contrasting worlds.

We talked about how settings can create emotions with the children, sharing places in their lives that evoke feelings. Settings in stories that generated feelings were also discussed. How good authors can create places that readers enjoy going to in their imaginations was talked about.

The children wrote about real-life settings that have had an affect on them before they had a go at writing their own imaginary setting for 'the thing' to live in. The children were encouraged to describe the sights, smells and sounds of their imaginary setting in their descriptions.


The children's multiplication skills are continuing to be expanded as we continue working on our 6, 7, 8 and 9 times tables skills.

8 Times Tables (to the tune of The Grand Old Duke of York)

8, 16 and 24

Went out and climbed a hill

32, 40 and 48

Stayed in for they were ill

56, 64 and 72

Shut the door to keep out the chill

80, 88 and 96

Cooked bacon on their grill

War With Dice

Students are given the same number of counters, or something else like small pieces of candy, and two dice.

Each student places a counter in the middle of the playing surface.

Students roll their dice and multiply the numbers on each of their own dice together. The students each say the problem and the answer.

The student with the highest answer takes both counters from the middle.

The process is repeated until one student does not have any counters left.

The student with the most counters is the winner.


Do you have a scientific background? Do you use science in your current job?

On Tuesday 24th November we will be hosting our very first Science Day here at SJIIES. The children across the grades will be conducting a number of exciting experiments, finding the answers to mind boggling questions and participating in numerous WOW moments. To help raise the profile of Science in school we would love some parents to come and join us on this spectacular day! You could share some presentations of how you use science in your line of work or amaze us with a favourite experiment.

If you are able to help please contact your Head of Grade, Mrs Thoma



My Pals are Here pages allocated by individual teachers.


Learn group spelling words from memory.


Using your research from your home learning last week, your task is to create an information poster, booklet, power point or presentation about one of the pioneers of flight.

Your finished product should educate your readers/ audience about the following:

What machine they invented

When they invented it

How the flying machine worked

Who influenced them

What people thought about the invention at the time

How their invention is still relevant today

How forces work in this machine

Your finished piece should be bright, colourful, detailed and organised. You may include pictures or sketches on your poster/ presentation. Remember, you’ve done all the research already and this task is about presenting the information in a clear and interesting way.

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YOUR GRADE THREE TEAM (Just like the mighty All Blacks, a winning team).