By: Sarah Wille

What do they do?

Agronomists are plant and soil scientists who study and try to improve on the process of growing farm crops. They help farmers use their land more effectively and suggest methods to increase yields. Agronomists also aid in solving or preventing problems with soil and crops.

How much do they make?

$31,929 - $81,509 per year



You must have a four-year college degree in agronomy or a related area, such as soil conservation, agriculture education, or general agriculture. A graduate degree may be necessary for some positions and is generally very helpful in the field. At least one college in every state offers degree programs related to agriculture.

Additional Skills

You should have an interest in working with soil, plants and agriculture in general. Agronomists must possess strong communication skills both in terms of speaking and listening to others, a desire to learn and an equivalent urge to contribute to the cause of agriculture research and production.

Job Outlook

The employment of agronomists is expected to grow faster than average through the year 2014. Jobs will arise out of the need to replace workers leaving the field. Those holding advanced degrees will have the best chances of finding jobs. As long as insects and diseases continue to adapt to pesticides and soil fertility and water quality continue to need improvement, there will always be a demand for agronomists.


Experience may lead to such positions as manager of a research station, agency administrator, or project supervisor. Teaching and research positions are available to those with a doctoral degree.

Where could you work?

Agronomists are needed nation wide.

Why I chose Agronomy..

I chose to research being an agronomist because I am interested in becoming one myself. I have always been interested in agriculture and I want to help people increase their yields and get the most out of every planting season.