Happy Holidays!

Make it a very Merry Christmas!

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2012 In Review

We opened the New Year with a 20 year bottle of Dom...knowing this was going to be a BIG year!


  • Darryl joins Team in Training to hike the Grand Canyon in May
  • Family gathers here for Chinese New Years and Hot Pot
  • Bok Fahn needs back surgery to repair herniated disc


  • Vacation in Williamsburg, VA
  • Family from Australia visits, KL & Rich shop, dine, and explore
  • Woohoo! Jasun graduates from Juniata College!
  • Darryl completes hike in Grand Canyon with TNT, named Top 10 fundraiser
  • Moys and Frusciantes enjoy cruise to Bermuda
  • Jasun leaves for Dalian, China

  • Family from Tucson, AZ - Audrey and Richard explore the northeast


  • Survive Superstorm Sandy

  • Thanksgiving with our "buds" the Frusciantes and Jo & Kiau Loi and continue the dining extravaganza on Friday with Mei-Lan & Craig, Kiana, and Dylan

The Big Vacation

The family celebrated a multitude of significant events on a Norwegian Cruise Line vacation to Bermuda leaving right from NYC in August. We traveled with our BEST BUDs, Pat and Paul and their two daughters, Kelli and Katie. Celebrating Cha and Darryl's 25th wedding anniversary (1 yr later), Jasun's and Kelli's college graduation, Tyler's moving up to high school, Kelli's 22nd birthday, and Brandon's high school graduation (1 yr later). Too many laughs and highlights to document...a great time was had by all.


Jasun is exploring his post-graduate options in Dalian, China, improving his Mandarin, tutoring, and preparing for vacation to Cambodia, Bangkok, and Singapore to see his cousin, Jim Loi and family. He returns state-side in July 2013.

Tyler is enjoying high school and handling the work load admirably. He's on an advanced study track and breezed through the first semester with a 97% GPA.

Brandon couldn't wait to get back to Champlain College in August but still loves to come home for the good cooking. He's looking for an internship in computer science, so if anyone has a connection, please give a call. His focus in on systems administration with a minor in digital forensics.

Cha is adapting to her new job working at SolarCity as a Regional Documentation Specialist. It's great seeing solar energy making more of a push into the northeast and SolarCity offers both purchased and leased systems. We are happy to report it will be 4 years come January since we installed our system and expect our 4th year of being paid for generating more energy than we use. Yes, we are a "utility" energy provider!

Darryl is staying busy providing marketing services to a number of businesses, gardening, and volunteering for two not-for-profit organizations, the Ossining Children's Center and Team-in-Training for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. This past May he participated on a TNT team that hiked the Grand Canyon and was recognized as a top fundraiser. He is looking forward to participating again in 2013 by cycling 100 miles around Lake Tahoe in June, "The Most Beautiful Bike Ride in America!" Visit his TNT fundraising website.

Bok Fahn's Chinese New Year Experience

As we were preparing dinner on the first night of Chinese New Year's...Bok Fahn crawled out of his kennel using only his front 2 legs. He'd been having some difficulties and after several trips to the vet we thought he was getting better. This night was a real shocker. A quick call to the vet set a flurry of activity into motion and we were off to a 24 hour animal specialty center for an evaluation. After an anxious night we were called the next morning informing us that little Bokkie was a good candidate for surgery to fix a herniated disc. Thankfully he's come through like a trooper and is his happy self and celebrated his 4th (28th) anniversary!

And a Happy New Year Too!

The Moys

Cha, Darryl, Jasun, Brandon, Tyler and Bok Fahn hope you'll come east for a visit.