Many thanks to...

who supplied materials, labor, and financial contributions!

The Gentlemens' Dormitory

  • ACS Construction donated over $20,000 in materials and labor to completely renovate the boys' bathroom.
  • The School of Engineering, Design and Construction at Seminole State College provided the design and labor for both boys' common spaces.
  • Bill and Cora Sterling and The Literacy Laboratory donated a teen-friendly library for both the girls' and boys' dorms.
  • Contractor Frank McLean created the bench seen on the "sports" side, as well as drywall repair, flooring installation, and much more.
  • Spectra Contract Flooring donated the carpet tiles on the "nature" side and the vinyl base seen throughout the dorm.
  • Moe's of Altamonte Springs and The Anderson Legal Group sponsored the flat-screen television installed for the boys.
  • Wilsonart International supplied the laminate for our intake counter.

College and Career Day

  • Seminole State College visited The Academy to provide interest and aptitude assessments to all residents. They also welcomed us to campus for a tour.
  • On Career Day, we toured WastePro, .decimal and Tecta America. We also heard presentations from Power Grid Engineering and the Seminole Sheriff's Office.

Elsewhere at The Grove

  • Wiginton Fire Systems will install a turn-key fire sprinkler system for our girls' dormitory.
  • The Florida Department of Health in Seminole County donated desk-top computers, printers, and copiers for use in our virtual classroom.
  • The Seminole Sheriff's Office provided a flat-screen television for our girls' dorm.
  • The Van Gundy Family donated a leather sectional for use in our girls' dorm.
  • The Wydra Family donated couches to warm our common spaces across campus.