Alexis Lamb

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Lexii 101

Hi I'm Alexis (sometimes go by Lexii), I enjoy listening to music, and I like playing sports. My major is Mechanical Engineering, and I plan to minor in robotics or somehow incorporate robotics and AI (Artificial Intelligence) into my major. I grew up in Tampa, moved to Dallas, Georgia when I was nine, then I spent the past nine years of my life living in metro Atlanta.


I decided to do EXCEL mainly to make sure that I do well in my basic mathematics and science classes. The various opportunities and resources that EXCEL provides in the STEM areas will greatly benefit my studies throughout college. I am also in EXCEL to network with people in my field of study. Between the learning community, EXCEL and GEMS events, and the EXCEL/COMPASS classes, I feel that they will give me opportunities to make valuable and life long connections.

EXCELing in My 1st Year

I think EXCEL will help me succeed my first year of college by providing extra opportunities and resources for me to utilize when I need assistance in learning STEM related content. I think EXCEL will also help me to form connections with peers in my field of study that will have classes similar to mine in the near future.

Unique Fact About Me

A unique fact about me is, my great-great-grandfather was a British nobleman!