Teacher's are the Future

United We Stand

As a nation I believe we should stop suggesting seminars and meetings to inform teachers on new techniques, and technology that is being used in or school system, but in fact make it mandatory they attend them. We should give these meetings on a regular basis to keep them up to date with what is new. I also think that teachers should show what has been learned in their lesson plans. If we do this as a nation united teachers’ will stand.

We Need Different

I think teachers should not use the same practices, mainly because it is important that teacher’s understand that every student is different. Every county, parish, state, and country is different as well. Teachers must know how to adapt to their environment, and choose the best teaching methods that’s suitable for that specific environment.

Just as the flowers adapt to their surroundings, teachers must do the same.

NETS-S standards

Teachers are using the NETS-S standards. Creativity is suddenly emerging in classrooms all over. Virtual learning environments are being used more often, and activities are being placed in teacher's lesson plans that will give students a better learning environment.