Apps for K-12 m-Learning

Scirbble Story, Fry Words, Meta-Calc, Mathway, History Maps

1. Scribble My Story

What it is/Pros: An app for use in the lower Elementary levels (K-2), Scribble My Story allows students to draw their story out on an iPad. The free version includes six stories that have been developed already where students can add matching graphics. It also includes a blank story where students can completely design their own story (probably better for use with older grades).

How can it be used: It's design is for use with early or non-readers and may be helpful for ESL students or students who need a little extra help when it comes to reading. ESL teachers with access to iPads could use the stories to help young students engage in reading.

Cons: Requires iPads, free version does not provide unlimited use.
Visit Apples Website Here: (Or view the embedded site below).
Scribble My Story

2. Fry Words

What it is/Pros: An app that includes 1000 of the most commonly used words in teaching, writing, spelling and reading. The app looks to be appropriate for early or just learning to read students in the K-1 range. It provides words that should be or should become the most easily recognized. However as the children learn more words, new words can be added at an unlimited rate. Specific lists or quizzes can also be added. The app is free.

How can it be used: The app could be used to help ESL learners, young students in aiding the process of learning to read. The ability to check the each students knowledge of words in a specific list is also made easy. Teachers could administer a word recognition quiz through use of Fry Words.

Cons: Requires Apple devices such as iPads or iPods which can be costly.
Visit Apples Website Here: (Or view the embedded site below).
Fry Words

3. Meta-Calculator

What it is/Pros: Forgot your expensive graphing calculator at home? Or, are you having trouble making out what that tiny graph is trying to tell you on your tiny screen? Meta-calculator allows students to choose a type of calculator (Graphing, Scientific, etc.) and use it online or on an iPad (Phone, Pod device). It is also linked to a Facebook page full of tips and tricks which could be extremely engaging for teens. It is 100% FREE!

How it can be used: Yes, this app is a replacement for the traditional calculator, that being said I think it can aid grade 7-12 (or beyond?) students in understanding graphing (specifically) relationships. Sometimes it is difficult to get the whole picture when we just look at the tiny screen of a graphing calculator. A teacher could hold a graphing session during lab time or, put the image up a projector to teach students about different math curves.

Cons: It does require either internet access or an iPad type device.

Visit Meta-Calculator's Site Here: Meta-Calculator Or see the embedded site below.

4. Mathway

What it is/Pros: Mathway can solve any type of equation that is typed into it including Calculus and Statistics. I feel that it is a great answer checker and this can be very helpful for students who like to work backwards. It is free online, the only problem is that you have to pay to see the complex steps.

How it can be used: I think that Mathway is good for grades 5-12 (and beyond?). However I might use it in the 7-9 level before equations become so complicated that you need to see the steps used. Teachers could use Mathway in lab time to provide a different way of learning to solve algebraic equations - being able to work backwards, especially if the teacher requests that students must show all work.

Cons: Requires internet. Does not give full steps. Students might just start writing down answers instead of showing work (bad habits).

Visit Mathway's Website here: Mathway

5. History Maps

What it is/Pros: History Maps is an Apple app that showcases maps from past and present as they relate to specific historical events (Ex: First World War). There is a keyword search and maps can be categorized by era.

How it can be used: History maps would be great for use in Grade 10-12 Social Studies when it is often difficult to track the World Wars or Revolutions on a map. Students can engage for themselves during a lesson. A teacher could have a question and answer sheet that must be filled out in relation to a specific map on the app.

Cons: Must be used with an Apple device, most likely best viewed on the iPad. It is also not completely free. May be some small charges for specific maps.

View History Maps on Apple's Site here: History Maps Or see the embedded link below.