Raymond's Run Flyer

By: Toni Bambara, Created By: Madison Kupiszewski

Raymond's Run

Raymond's Run is a phanominal story written by Toni Bambara. Toni Bambara was born in New York in 1939. She wrote about what she knew, and she wrote alot. She focused mainly on African American issues. She presented African Americans in a sensative and true manner. Just as she did in Raymond's Run. She showed how some of the smallest momments can make a huge difference in our lives and open our eyes the widest. In the story, Squeaky is one of the main characters, her brother has a mental disorder and causes his brain not to develop fully. In the story she shows how Squeaky is changed majorly by something little that her brother, Raymond, does. Squeaky is a huge runner and realizes that Raymond has the same dream as her. She grows up mentally through out the story just as many of us do when something changes us mentally. Squeaky doesnt have many friends and spends most of her time looking out for Raymond. I would recomend this book to anybody! enjoy! :)