Between shades of grey.

Book research by: Joey, Katie, Olivia, and Cortheye.


  1. The problem we are researching: Why the people in Guantanamo and in the book are being captured.

  2. Our overarching research question is: Why were the people being captured.

  3. Why we chose this problem: It was a main deal in the story, and it covers everything.

4. How this problem relates to the novel: It is basically the whole story.

(Why they were being captured?) Book- The NKVD didn’t like the Lithuanians/Latvians (also others) and wanted them to be gone, so they took them away to camps and killed most of them. Also, the people in the (innocents) didn’t know why they were being captured; apparently they were “thieves and prostitutes”, but they were really just innocent people

(A) This issue is a problem because people shouldn’t be arrested for no reason, they shouldn’t be forced to work with little food given, and poor living conditions. They shouldn’t be treated like pigs and put into cattle trains.

(B) The affects on society at the time was, no one outside of where that was happening knew about it. The people who did know about it were the NKVD and they thought it was fine, but the people who were being captured didn’t appreciate it at all, and they were really mad.

(C) It wasn’t really resolved, it said after they returned from Siberia, where were imprisoned for 12 years, they buried the message. I think they did escape, or got let free.

(D) A similar modern day problem is; the US are arresting and putting innocent people in a Guantanamo jail/camp for no reason. Men as old as 89 and children are put into the camp/jail and put to work, one being raped by 11 men there. They were threatened if they didn’t cooperate with the people in the jail. It is said some terrorists are put in the jail but many sources said some have done nothing to be there, one man being put in there for having a similar name to someone else bad.

(E) This modern day problem is similar because innocent people are being put in camps/jails and put to work, like the people in the book between shades of grey.

(F) Since some people in America know about it, they could try and talk sense into the Taliban or try and go on a rescue mission to save the people in there.

(G) One of the best solutions would be the US paying money for them to hand over the innocent prisoners if that would be possible for them to do.

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(I) Summary:

Book- A girl named Lina is taken by the NKVD, along with her mom, brother, and many other innocent people. When they are taken, they are put to work, starved, and transported on cattle cars. They are given little food for all of the major work that they do, and they must survive through 12 years of being captured.

Real world problem: It is said that many innocent people in (US owns) Guantanamo are being held in prison and they are there for a couple of years then sent free. Apparently guilty people are set free while innocent people aren’t. The innocent peoples’ ages ranges from 89 year old men from young children.

(J) What was valuable to our project was learning about the similar situation going on right now and how it related to our book that we read.

Citation: Between shades of grey by Ruta Sepettys. (Book)

Real world citations:

Citation: “Children among the innocent..” by Heidi Blake, Tim Ross, and Conrad Quilty Harper.


Citation: “At Guantanamo Bay, the guilty go free, the innocent remain.” By Clive Stafford Smith. (2014)

Citation: “Most Guantanamo detainees are innocent: ex-Bush official.” By The Associated Press. (2009)


We also looked at sites before this like: