Rabbit's Mistake

One morning, on a bright summer day, there was a bored rabbit wanting to play. He decided to call his friends to see if they wanted to play dodge ball. He was very good since he could jump over the balls. His friends were all bored so they agreed to come to his house to play a game.

1 hour after the game started, they decided to use the area behind the opposing teams goal as the "jail". So when Bear got out, and went in front of Rabbit's kitchen window, Rabbit threw a ball as hard as he could at bear so that bear could come back in. Bear ran out of the way because it was so fast. The ball broke the window that was behind Bear. Instantly everyone stopped and started running home so that they didn't get in trouble. Rabbit slowly walked inside slowly with his ears down and told his mother what happened. She just laughed and said that she was going to get rid of the window anyway.

Always tell the truth and admit about your mistakes.