6th Grade Reading & Technology

September 1, 2014

Reading Plus 4.0 is Underway!

Students have taken, or are in the process of taking, a diagnostic Reading Plus test to determine a starting level for the year. Once the diagnostic is taken, a reading level is determined for your child. In order to guarantee quick success, the program is designed to place students two levels BELOW their independent reading level. Your child can level up quickly by completing the ten weekly assignments and scoring at least 80% on comprehension quizzes. In class, we will spend half of the ninety minute block on Reading Plus, but students CAN, and should, also work from home. Usernames AND passwords are your child's student number. Students will earn a comprehension grade as well as a completion grade.

Typing Assessment with Typing Web

Students have been issued a username and password for Typing Web--an online keyboarding program that I will use for assessing progress in typing speed and accuracy. The username and password is your child's student number. Please encourage your child to practice at home, being sure to type with fingers in home row position. Check out this video on the importance of learning to type correctly.

Important Message from The Principal!

Home Access Center (HAC)

HAC is an online portal to viewing your child's grades. You will want to check this periodically to ensure your child is staying on track in their classes. Here is a link to the district website with handouts on HAC. There is a new password requirement as of August 8, 2014. If you have attempted to log in and are having issues, please email Cynthia Casper, Guidance Secretary atCynthia.Casper@stjohns.k12.fl.us. She will be able to assist you.

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About our class....

There are 420 6th grade students taking the Advanced Reading/Technology class this year! There are 57-60 students in each class. Ms. Salo is the Silver Day teacher and Mrs. Campbell is the Black Day teacher. We share the "Skinny" class because it meets every day. To date, we have attempted to sign every student up in Edmodo, Typing Web, and Reading Plus. Soon, we will begin some Microsoft Word assignments. We generally wait until the last quarter to cover PowerPoint skills, and we cover much more than the basics. I am excited to see what your children already know! Class assignments will be submitted through your child's Edmodo account, as we have no printers for student use in our classroom. I will teach them how to complete an assignment in Word, name it, save it, and then attach it to a post in Edmodo. Right now, we are focused on getting a strong start to the school-wide reading program--Reading Plus. Once we have that underway and the students understand their responsibility, we will move on to other tasks.