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September 2017


Kitley Families,

We have had a great first month of the 2017-2018 school year! Our teachers and students have been doing a Morning Meeting each morning at 9:00am to help build a strong classroom community! Mrs. Hager, our school counselor, has also been in talking to our students about expected and unexpected behaviors. Please talk to your child about what they are learning and enjoying!

It is hard to believe we are almost at the midterm of the first nine weeks.

Thank you for partnering with us to ensure your child receives the best education possible! If you have any suggestions, questions, or concerns please email me at or call our office at 317.803.5900.




Kitley Community Library

How does this work?

Take a Book.

If you see something you would like to read, take it.

After you’ve read it, return to Kitley Community Library or pass it on to a friend.

Share a book.

If you have a book you’d like to share with other readers, please leave in this free library.

*Keep in mind we are an elementary school so please add only age appropriate books.

*Our Community Library is located in the lobby of the school

Media Center

Our fall book fair will be September 25 – October 6th during the school day. Students will be able to shop on their normal Library da. We will also be open the evenings of conferences for parents and students to shop before or after their conference. K-1 students will get a special sheet and baggie sent home to put their money in and return on the day they come to Library/Book Fair. Look for a Scholastic book fair magazine coming home after Sept. 18th.

We are in need of some helpers in the Library this year. We are allowing students to check out two books which has added to our work load. If you are interested in volunteering in our Library to help check in, shelve books, and keep the Library organized it would be greatly appreciated. We also have the dates for Book Fair added if you would like to sign up to help with Book Fair! Sign up now on

**All volunteers MUST have a SAFE VISITORS background check filled out. A link to this is located on the Kitley webpage.



We are looking forward to a safe and healthy year with your students. Any medication for students to use at school must be brought in to the clinic by the parent or guardian. Please do not send medication in with students. We need medications in their original boxes with prescription labels. Just a reminder that a student needs to be fever free (99.9 degrees or lower) for 24 hours before returning to school after an illness. A student who has been home with vomiting or diarrhea has to go 24 hours without vomiting or diarrhea before returning to school.

If you haven't completed your online registration or filled out a paper Community Health Network Consent to treat form for the clinic we will not be able to treat your child this year. We will see them for emergencies only. Please stop by office and get the Community Health Network Consent to treat form (image below) if you haven't already completed it. Please contact the Clinic if you have any questions 317-803-5977.

Monica Searcy, Krista Holmes and Sandie Hickey

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Ever wonder what is going on in your child’s related arts classrooms? Now you can visit our new website! Visit to find information on schedules, upcoming events and more!


Click on the link to see the new menu for the semester! There is also a FREE app for iPhone and Androids called School Lunch by Nutrislice. Star Express has worked hard to get the new site up and running. They have updated the menus!

Star Express

Be a Star with School Breakfast!

Star Express is proud to offer Franklin Township students a nutritious breakfast daily. Star Express breakfast features nutritious whole grains, protein, fresh fruit, and milk. Research shows that students who eat breakfast do better in school, are more likely to participate in physical activities, and tend to eat healthier overall. Eating breakfast can help improve math, reading and standardized testing scores. So, fuel up and be a star by joining Star Express for a healthy breakfast.

*Nutritional information for breakfast and lunch items can be found online at*

For more information on student health, visit

**If you are interested in working for Star Express, please visit to apply **

Please contact the Star Express Registered Dietitians with any comments and/or questions.


We’d love to hear from you!

Betsey Willard, RD – Child Nutrition Supervisor

Alison Powers, RD – Assistant Child Nutrition Supervisor



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