Northern Leopard Frog



How big is it?

11 cm (4.3 inches in length)

What does it look like?

Yellow or blackish spots that are visible, Belly is white or greenish. Females are larger than male frogs. They have a little white line on the side of their mouth.

Any special adaptations or defining features?

Have really powerful legs, can swim and is a really good jumper.Legs have been elongated which allows the frog to push harder on the ground allowing the frog to jump higher and further. ELONGATED MEANS LONGER!!!!

What ecosystem does it live in?

Leopard frogs are found in a wide variety of habitats, including marshlands, brush lands, and forests. They prefer the presence of permanent, slow-moving water, including aquatic vegetation, but can be found in agricultural areas and on golf courses.

What kind of home does it make?

The Northern Leopard Frog uses several distinct habitat types to meet its needs throughout the year. Separate sites are generally used for overwintering, breeding and foraging, and contiguity between these habitats is necessary for the species’ survival.

Where in Canada does it live

?The northern leopard frog is found in every province in Canada. It is native across most of central and eastern Canada but is an introduced species in Newfoundland. In Ontario, this species is absent only from the northwestern section of the province. The range of the northern leopard frog also spans much of the northern half of the United States, from Maine to the Rocky


What makes up its diet?

Carnivore.It eats about anything as long as it can fit it in its mouth.Ex,flies,birds,smaller frogs including its own species.

How does it hunt or find its food?

They wait for their prey to come by and jump with their powerful legs.

How does it fit in the food chain?

Green frogs,bullfrogs,water snake and foxes eat the northern leopard frog.

How many young will it have?

Females lay from 300 to 6500 eggs in globular clusters in breeding ponds.

How often do they have their young?

Once yearly

Does it mate for life or will it have multiple partners? It will mate for life

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When did it happen?the specie was confirmed endangered in 2010

What was the cause of their endangerment?Habitat loss and degradation and road mortality.In Ontario

what other species will be impacted?worm,small frogs and beetles will be impacted positively and foxes,green frogs and hawk will be impacted negatively.


Describe what is being to help protect this endangered species.

The northern leopard frog is being monitored under the Alberta Volunteer Amphibian Monitoring Program (AVAMP) and the Researching Amphibian Numbers in Alberta (RANA) program.

The northern leopard frog is a focal species of the MULTISAR (multiple species at risk) program. Key elements of the program include:

-surveying local populations.

-assessing the ecological status of the habitat.

-developing management recommendations and habitat enhancement projects

-monitoring the species' response over time

What people or groups are working to help this animal comeback?

Calgary zoo and the Canadian Wildlife Federation, working together to help this species at risk.

What can the people reading the brochure do to help?

By joining B.C. Frogwatch you can add your efforts to those of other naturalists and biologists, and collect information important to conservation programs.