Chicago World's Fair

Ferris Wheel

The World Columbian Exchange Chicago IL, 1893

  • Who to see … Come see George W. Ferris as he presents his latest creation the Ferris Wheel an engineering feat that rivals The Eiffel Tower in France.
  • What is it… The Ferris wheel is an enormous rotating wheel with a diameter of 250 feet, was 264 feet tall supported by two 140 foot steel towers and a 45 foot axle and carries 36 wooden carts.
  • When And Where… June 9, 1893 -October 30, 1893 and located in and around Jackson Park, Chicago

  • Why should you come … You should because it will give a magnificent view of the White City and a experience you will never forget.
  • How to Ride Ferris Wheel… In addition to purchasing ticket to park, purchase another ticket to ride the Ferris Wheel for 50 cents.