year 5 performance about an orphan boy

Our special day is coming!

This will be a great performance that everyone will enjoy!
Year 5 has made a great performance of a recreation of jungle book

JUNGLE BOOK in Hong Kong!

Thursday, May 30th, 6:30pm

7 Hornsey Rd


come and enjoy our performance!
(The show will take place at the glenealy hall 2nd floor)


Lauren as Mowgli

Amelia as Shere khan

Thomas H as Old monkey

Oliver as Colonel Hathi

Joaquin as Baloo

Zoe, Venetia, Zenia, Isabel and Sophia as Kaa (and Colis)

Marco and Hannah s as Monkeys

Jasmine as Shanti

Jasmine as Coconut tree

Mr. Sommervile and Mrs. Urqhart as Shanti's family

Mimi and Nasstasia as vultures

Hannah W as baby elephant

Jolie as king Louie

Osborn, Sam and Felicity as elephant troops