MGM 7th Grade House News

March 2, 2018


Welcome to 7th Grade! Please read below for house news, upcoming assessments, and 7th-grade house highlights! These newsletters will be sent out every week on Friday!

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Community Volunteers

Dear Lexington Community Member,

At the end of each academic year at Meadow Glen Middle and all other Expeditionary Learning schools, students complete Passage Presentations before a panel of teachers, community members and family members.

These presentations are a rite of passage for our students and give them the opportunity to defend their learning, prove that they have mastered the knowledge and skills that make them ready for the next phase of their educational journey and reflect on their growth academically, socially and emotionally.

Passage presentations require and empower students to take the lead in their learning and in building dispositions and skills they will need to succeed in college and their career. These presentations are an opportunity for the students to engage families and community members in a meaningful way as they support student success.

For all students, the goals of Passages are to:

● prepare and deliver a formal presentation demonstrating academic achievement and


● use evidence from their work to demonstrate mastery of the learning targets

● explain successes and failures in order to learn from them

● connect habits of scholarship to academic achievement

● defend their learning by answering rigorous questions from panelists

● communicate progress, set new goals, and elicit necessary support

● engage the audience using techniques such as body language, voice and tone to build

interest and involvement

● arrive on time and dress professionally.

We would like to invite you to serve on a Passage panel this year for our Meadow Glen Middle School eighth-grade students. The Passage presentations take place on March 21, 2018. Use the digital sign-up link below to indicate your availability. Please consider signing up for more than one session. Thank you for your time and consideration.

Sign-up Link

Sincere appreciation,

8th Grade Team and Students

Meadow Glen Middle School

440 Ginny Lane

Lexington, SC 29072


Questions? contact Ashley Holmes

Learning Commons News

Fireflies Baseball Reading Program

Would you like for your student to be able to go to a Fireflies baseball game for FREE? All they have to do is read 4 "just right" books from February 7th until March 30th. If they meet their reading goal, they will receive a free ticket to a Fireflies baseball game, a hot dog, drink, chips, and surprise while at the game! This is a great opportunity to have your student make a reading goal. Students can get their reading log from their ELA teachers, in the Learning Commons, and from the Learning Commons Schoology Course.

Save the Date - Miss MGMS Gator Pageant

Save the date for Miss MGMS Gator Pageant! Saturday, April 21. This is our largest fundraiser for Relay for Life! More details to come.

Counseling News

A word from your Gator Counselors.....

Your school counselors want to share important information to help parents navigate technology and teen years. This article gives an interesting look into how iPhones and social media affect your child's mental health. Take a look!

Upcoming Assessments

If you have any questions about assessments below, please email your child's teacher!

MATH: ALL CLASSES: `Angle Vocabulary Activity Due Thursday, Mar. 8

Inequality Test Reflections Due Thursday, Mar. 8

ELA: There will be two formative checks next week. See Schoology.

Social Studies: See Schoology

Science: See Schoology

World Language: See Schoology for updates


“From there to here, from here to there," LOTS of LEARNING going on from 7th grade MGM everywhere.

Thank you for sharing your children with us each day!