RSS School Pictures Grades 9-11

Tuesday, Sept 20 and Wednesday, Sept 21

First, a Thank You!

I know how precious your class time is and I want you to know I appreciate you bringing your classes for school pictures. With your help, we are going to try to be as efficient as possible next week.

Now, the business

You should have received a schedule last week via email and my students should have given you hard copy when delivering you picture order forms. I'll send it again as well. It's important that you try to get to the auditorium in as timely a manner as possible, because our class periods go a lot more quickly these days.

Please help us make picture day go as smoothly as possible by doing the following:

  • You will get photo cards on Monday. Give your students their photo cards before you come to the auditorium ON PICTURE DAY. Please do not do it the day before, as they will lose them. Before you leave the room, ask them one more time if they have their card. We will make cards for students who don't have one; usually they enrolled or had a schedule change after the 2nd week of school.
  • Instruct your students to remove their ID, jackets. Please leave them in the classroom. Check the boys for beards and earrings. Check everyone for facial piercings.
  • Enter the auditorium from the commons doors. Your students can go to any of the 3 photographers.
  • We don't fight about pictures. If you have a student who refuses to be photographed, encourage them once or twice, but if they are unwilling, have them sign the clipboard with my staff. We keep a list of students who choose not to be photographed so that if their parent questions it, we can give an answer.
  • Instruct your students to have a seat when they have finished being photographed.
  • When your class is done, we need you to leave the auditorium quickly through either of the side doors. We will likely have another class coming in the commons doors, so please help us ensure an efficient flow of traffic by exiting through the side doors.

The Schedule

Click here for the schedule.

Please look at the schedule. Note that if you have 5th and 6th period, you will need to bring both of those classes. Otherwise, you should only have one day of pictures this year. Please let me know if you see a mistake or are not on the schedule and have a class grades 9-11.

Picture Order Forms

You should have received these this week. Please pass them out to your students. There will be extras in the grade level offices and outside of room 238. We can also get you any extras you need.

Thank you, again!

I really appreciate your help with school pictures. If you have any questions or concerns, please email me - or call me 84239.

Also, please come have your picture made! Mr. Chaddick said I could give you a JEANS COUPON!! You heard it here first! :)