United, we are Sparta!!!

We live. We train. We fight. We Spartans ARE ONE!!

Come live in Sparta!

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General Lelex

General Lelex is the best general you can ever have. If you are a boy talk to General Lelex. He can help you in the army.

Our Economy

Instead of trade and tourism like Athens here in Sparta we make sure our citizens are taken care of. We focus on two things: conquering and farming. If you are conquered you become our slaves, but don't worry we treat our slaves very well. Unlike Athens we don't trade, we use iron bars as our currency. Hey, if nobody wants to trade us, we don't care!
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Our Non-Citizens

Like I said, we treat our slaves very well! Our slaves can even get married and sell crops! We also give our women lots of rights (unlike Athens) including owning land and talking to her husband's friends. In Athens a woman can't even leave the house without a male!
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Our Values

Here in Sparta we value courage, honor, strength, and military!!! The Athenians may be smart but they are weak. In Sparta the greatest virtue is bravery and the greatest honor is to die in battle. You think you like Sparta?
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Our Government

For our government two kings rule and are watched over by five men called Ephors. Why would you let the common man (with little education) play a big role in the government like Athens? The Assembly is made up of males over 30 (if they wish to) vote on laws to become official. Why would you let 18 year old "boys" vote on laws? So, you like Sparta?
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