Target Bathrooms

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Who,What,When,Where,Why's of the event.

Who-Transvestites & Parents that shop at target

What-Transvestites allowed to choose what bathroom they want to use.

When-In the past couple weeks


Why-Parents are protesting target because target now allows customers who are born men to go into woman's bathrooms and dressing rooms.

Perspective #1

Transgenders should use the bathroom of the gender in which they were born. Simply because if a transgender male decided that he wanted to use the woman's bathroom it would still be a male in a woman's bathroom. For the safety of children and other women i do not feel it is safe to have any type of "man" in the woman's bathroom. This isn't only a safety concern because i'm sure that some women would feel uncomfortable using the bathroom intended for them if men were allowed into it. And on the flip side of that personally i would feel very uncomfortable if i was urinating in a urnile and a dyke walked up and started using the one next to me
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Perspective #2

Some people believe that we should not judge someone based on their sexuality. And that they should be able to use which ever bathroom makes them feel the most comfortable. If a male wants to be a female then they should be able to use the woman's bathroom. If any parent is concerned about their child's safety in a public restroom then the parent should be going to the restroom with them. As far as the rape issue goes if someone wants to rape somebody in a target bathroom they are going to do it whether they are allowed into the bathroom or not a sign or a rule wont stop a rapist.
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Media bias explained

The reason this is such an issue is because we have two different sides here.One side believes that transgenders should use the bathroom of the sex in which they were born and the other side says that we shouldn't judge transgenders. While this isn't only a safety concern this is a moral concern. Males have never been allowed in female bathrooms so why should they now?
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Criticism #1

This is defiantly a cultural criticism because we have the traditionalist who believe that the bathrooms should be separate, and then we have the people of the modern culture that believe that they should be able to use which ever bathroom they want.
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Criticism #2

The second criticism i choose is historical criticism. I say historical because for the past hundreds of years we have kept bathrooms separate. So why should we start integrating them now?
Pittsburghers react to new Target bathroom policy