April 11-15


Autism Race on Saturday- Never to late to sign up or just come cheer.

Fire Inspection Reminders

  • Doors that have automatic closers can not be propped open
  • Make sure closest are are clean and a person can walk to the back wall
  • No paper on doors
  • Maintain 18" clearance between stored or displayed items and the ceiling
  • Make sure you have a SDS for items such as soap, air fresheners, etc.
  • Double check that you have an exit map and it is marked with exit path
  • Electric plug-in, warming type, or incense burning air fresheners are not allowed
  • Nothing can be suspended from ceiling

Summer Dates and Events

June 15: Technology Kick off at Wilson Middle School

July 6: Staff Retreat

July 7-22: Grade level days (I will send a document out this week)

August 1-8: Teacher workdays

August 9: First Day of School