Literary Devices Found in Two Kinds

Ryan Pappas Friday, August 24, 2012


The setting is in San Francisco, in the late 1950s


Ni Kan is the daughter in the story.  Her mother wants her to be a prodigy, evn though she does not think she is good at anything.  The mother fights with her daughter because she wants to help her. 
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Exposition: The mother tries to convince her daughter to become a prodigy. At first she give the daughter dancing lessons to be like the chinese Shirley Temple. Rising Action: The mother gives the daughter piano lessons, after a while of lessons the mother buys a piano and signs Ni-Kan up for the talent show.Climax: At the talent show the daughter goes to play, but doesn't realize that she won't be able to play well because she has slacked off in her lessons. Resolution: After the talent show the mother is so displeased, she didn't even speak or repremand her daughter. Years later after the mother passed away, Ni-Kan's father wanted her to have the piano in memory of her mother.  
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Internal Conflict

Some of the internal conflict for the daughter is that she wants to become a prodigy, yet doesn't want to go through all of the trials. 
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External Conflict

Some of the external conflict is with the mother and daughter. they are always fighting about the lessons and being a prodigy.
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The theme of this story is that you should not attempt something you do not want to do, and find your own interests. Ni-Kan does not want to play piano so she should find an interest or something she is good at and show her mother how she could be a prodigy.
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The music and piano were symbols because the mother and daughter would do their normal routine when the top of the piano was open. when the piano was closed the mother and daughter fought.
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Daughter in the Mirror

At first she sees a stupid, ugly girl; this is because she didn't believe in herself.  Later she sees a prodigy in the mirror; this is because she is determined to become a prodigy. This showed how she thought of herself affected her belief in herself.  This relates to the title by showing the two kinds of people she believes as herself.
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What Went Wrong in the Relationship

The mother and daughter are very strong willed and go against eachother with the entire prodigy idea.
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Mother in China

The mother had several bad experiences in China. After these experiences th mother wanted to give her daughter the best life that she never had.
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