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Weekly Update - 5/31-6/4

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Website Updates

Dear Ambassadors and Advisory members,

It's the end of the school year, and so hard to believe that it's here already!! Are you feeling the heat?

We are excited about the list of courses below. All courses are NOW being worked on and are in different stages of development. We hope to see these courses published in the next few months - some of them very soon.

  1. Defining STEM
  2. Kindergarten: Number & Operations in Base Ten
  3. Grade 2: Number & Operations in Base Ten
  4. Grade 4: Number & Operations in Base Ten
  5. Asking the Right Questions to Guide Student Learning
  6. Student Self-Assessment
  7. Open Source and Amazing
  8. Developing Quality Classroom Discussions
  9. Bullying Management for Teachers
  10. Student Goal Setting
  11. Early Warning Systems Coordinator Training: Why EWS?
  12. Illuminate: Getting Started with DnA
  13. Data Collection and Conferencing
  14. Section 504 Course
  15. My First Personal Learning Network (PLN)
  16. Illuminate: Using Summary Assessments for Pre/Post and District Data
  17. Illuminate: Using Manual/Hybrid Assessments for Formative and Summative Assessments
  18. Illuminate: Utilizing Pre-Built and Custom Reports to Analyze Data
  19. Introduction to Minecraft
  20. Developing a Digital Classroom Using Google Docs
  21. Developing a Digital Classroom Using Google Drive
  22. Differentiated Instruction
  23. Effective Teacher Evaluation and Feedback
  24. Going from One to Many 1:1
  25. Meeting Every Learner Using Technology: Differentiated Instruction
  26. Organizing and Assessment with Google Forms
  27. Teaching to Different Learning Styles
  28. Great Tips in a History Classroom
  29. Great Tips in an ELA Classroom
  30. Using Google for Education to Assist, Support, and Empower Students with Special Needs
  31. Great Tips in a Science Classroom
  32. MAC Assessment Literacy Standards
  33. Engaging Early Reading via Student-Created Texts
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Ambassadors and Advisory members on site for our last meeting, May 20, 2016

Updated Stats for Users on EduPaths and Twitter Followers

The number of EduPaths users continues to increase. EduPaths users - 2,362 (up from 2,071) as of today - Friday, June 3; Twitter followers increase daily - currently at 279.

To provide a short update of the things we are currently working on

  • Summer PD Flyer - Continue to reach out to the host ISDs to promote the trainings at their site. Use this to recruit and invite educators in your region!!
  • Closing Applications to the following sites on Tuesday, June 7 - Oakland Schools & Muskegon ISD
  • Will be finalizing our F2F PD for Summer PD sessions - would love to get ideas from you!
  • Finalized summer PD contracts for participating educators
  • All applicants have been contacted about summer PD, have been enrolled in EduPaths Course Creation online course, and many are working through
  • Still working on statewide conference sites to host booths
  • Another Twitter Chat is scheduled for Tuesday, June 7 @ 8:30 pm - Building Meaningful Classroom Connections at #EduPaths. Focus is on the FOUNDATIONS pathway. Join us!

Applications Submitted for Summer PD

  • Saginaw ISD - 56
  • Wayne RESA - 28
  • Clinton County RESA - 17
  • KRESA - 17
  • TBISD - 15
  • Alpena ESD - 8
  • Marquette-Alger RESA - 7
  • EUP ISD - 3

We have capacity for 40 participants per site! Looking forward to filling up all sessions!

Where Have We Been?

  • Jake - GMEC meeting
  • Danielle - Several Meetings locally and around the state

Resources for Ambassadors

Ambassador REMINDERS

  • Work logs are needing to be updated and submitted - be sure to submit to Danielle at your earliest convenience!
  • As you have worked through your districts and shared EduPaths, what are you hearing from the field? Share your stories about how things are going with educators in your region!l
  • Some have asked how our Ambassadors are sharing EduPaths in their region - Share your strategies for getting EduPaths in front of educators in your area! Will publish in future updates.

Things we are still working on (our ongoing short-list)...

  • Working through appropriate language for DPPD for our documentation for districts to use - we have developed a preliminary "final" HELP document. There are EduPaths site programming that will need to happen to make this operational.
  • NEW a way to display # of SCECHs for new users on the Course Description page
  • STILL adding curriculum standards to the site - Ken is working on a different way to import standards without manually adding them one by one!

Thank you for your support as we launched this year!! Enjoy your summer!!

Jake Gentry, Kim Garcia, Molly Bruzewski, and Ron Madison

Twitter Chat - Join Us - June 7

Here is the video Jake created to help you set up TweetDeck, if you cannot make the Twitter Chat on Tuesday night. Makes it look like you were there effortlessly!!
TweetDeck Demo

Summer PD Smore

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