Frank Sinatra

Jail bird jazz star


Frank Sinatra was a famous jazz star in the 1920's. Frank was not the greatest man and ended up in jail twice and tried to commit suicide 4 times! Frank also married four times and had three children. Frank has his very own signature drink. Frank Sinatra is also still famous today and will always be remembered.
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Frank Sinatra's music then was very jazzy and our music today is very jumpy and fun while Frank's music was more like slow dance music or wedding music. An example Is Ariana Grande because her music is very exciting and makes you want to dance and sing along with it. People who sing jazz usually dress in suits and fancy cloths while pop artists wear tank tops and jeans. While people sing jazz they kind of just walk around stage and sway back and forth and when people sing pop they are jumping around the stage. Jazz and pop may be very diffrent, but do have something's in common!


Pop and jazz are both very popular wether you're relaxing or at a party because people turn music on for pleasure. Sometimes jazz and pop use the same instruments such as, guitars, drums, and sometimes saxophone. Some singers even sing both jazz and pop music! Jazz and pop both lead to becoming very famous! Sure yes they are different types of music, but have lots in common!
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Notice how he is wearing a suit and there is a different type of microphone? This is a concert from The Rat Pack (Frank Sinatra's group).
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Now notice the new microphones? And she is walking around the stage instead of staying in the middle of the stage.