Parkinson Disease

By: Zachyya Elmore

What is Parkinson Disease?

Parkinson Disease is a disorder of the nervous system. Parkinson Disease is when a person slowly loses their total ability to control their body movements. The basal ganglia is a collection of cells that help control your movement. In Parkinson's Disease these basal ganglia cells are damaged and do not work properly. These nerve cells send a message to your dopamine, this is a brain chemical. After the basal ganglia send the message, the dopamine sends a message to the other parts of the brain to signal movement. If you get Parkinson Disease your dopamine is gonna be low and the body get the right messages to move correctly.

How can you get the Parkinson Disease?

Many people think that Parkinson Disease is genetic. They also think that you can get it from the environment. For example, many think that by dealing with pesticides or other chemicals you can get Parkinson Disease. Many experts also believe that low dopamine levels increase your chance in getting the Parkinson Disease.

What are the symptoms of Parkinson Disease?

There are many symptoms of Parkinson Disease. Parkinson Disease include shaking, small handwriting, loss of smell, trouble sleeping, trouble walking, constipation, fainting, stiffness,and troubled thinking.

What are the health effects of Parkinson Disease?

When a person has Parkinson Disease they're health is affected. They usually have problems with their balance and coordination. They also have problems with speaking and swallowing. Some people with the disease experience weight loss. They also have trouble remembering many things and thinking.

How can you treat the Parkinson Disease?

There is no specific treatment for Parkinson Disease. It usually depends on the person's symptoms. There are two things that many people think can treat the symptoms of Parkinson Disease. They are taking medication and getting surgery. Many also think you can treat Parkinson Disease by getting more rest and exercising.

Carbidopa-levodopa Medication

This is the most effect medication when you have Parkinson Disease. It is a natural chemical that passes through your brain and convert it to dopamine. This helps you get your correct movement signals back.

Deep Brain Simulation

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